Project Euclid

Vendor Web Site:

URL Types: Dynamic, Formula

URL Instructions:

  1. Go to the page Project Euclid Journals.
  2. Select the hyperlinked journal title with the right mouse button and choose the option to Copy Shortcut. This URL will link to the journal homepage which lists the current issue per default.

More information is available in the detailed linking documentation provided by Project Euclid.

URL Examples:

  • Journal homepage with current issue: or
  • Table of contents of a specific issue: (ID lookup)
  • Article: (ID known)
  • Article: (ID lookup)


  • Project Euclid is working on an inbound OpenURL interface which will replace the IDlookup redirect mechanism.
  • Please note that URLs including additional information (e.g. "[…]service=UI&version=1.0&verb=Display[…]") shouldn't be stored because they are not guaranteed to be persistent.
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