Ovid SilverPlatter

Vendor Web Site: http://www.ovid.com/

URL Types: Dynamic, Formula

URL Instructions:

  1. Go to the page List of Database Family IDs.
  2. Search for the database by name. For example, a search on PsycInfo should retrieve the Family ID PY.
  3. Construct a URL based on this formula, inserting the Family ID at the end, e.g., http://web5s.silverplatter.com/webspirs/start.ws?customer=[Customer ID]&databases=[Family ID]

URL Example: http://web5s.silverplatter.com/webspirs/start.ws?customer=[Customer ID]&databases=PY


  1. The host name "web5" may also be used. The host "web5s" is a fix for problems reported with off-site proxy access.
  2. The information on the page that lists Family IDs historically has not always been current or correct. If you run into a problem, contact Ovid tech support at support@ovid.com.
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